Material Recovery Facility

Let's Clean the Earth Private Limited is dedicated to accelerating the circular economy within the Pakistani society. We collaborate with Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) as a management partner to recover resources from waste, effectively preventing unwanted landfills. Our involvement begins with the collection of waste by local municipality vehicles from households, businesses, institutions, and other bulk waste generators. The collected waste is then stored at MRF centers for further processing. Depending on the nature of the recovered materials, they are sent for recycling and reuse, contributing to the circular economy.

Currently, Let's Clean the Earth Private Limited manages four crucial MRF centers in an unprecedented collaboration with Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) in Pakistan. This partnership not only aims to formalize the unorganized waste sector but also strives to improve the working conditions and livelihood opportunities for waste workers, ensuring dignity and a better quality of life.

Furthermore, we offer consultancy services to ULBs and Rural UC level assisting them in formulating effective plans of action for the integrated management of mixed resources. By integrating into the open loop of the linear economy, we generate revenue and provide environmental solutions that contribute to a sustainable future for Pakistani society.

What We Do?

Inspection: We inspect and audit the facility to develop a strategic plan for making a revenue centric model of circular economy.
Infrastructural Set-up: A tailor-made infrastructure is set up to adequately deal with the recovered material.
Record-keeping: Technical framework for record keeping is installed to encourage transparency and traceability at every step.
Training: Training support is given to upskill the manpower for the proper way of waste segregation.
Recycling: Collected waste at the MRF undergoes segregation, cleaning or dismantling, baling and then recycling.

Key Benefits


Digitised traceability of collection sources.


Get a specialised team for efficient operation.


Streamlined logistics.


Achieve scalability.


Contribute to the Zero waste society.