EPR Services

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is a crucial obligation placed upon Producers, Importers, and Brand owners in Pakistan. This responsibility mandates that they take full accountability for the plastic waste generated by their products introduced in the market, as per the Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency notification 2019.

At Let's Clean The Earth Private Limited Company, we specialize in supporting businesses to meet their EPR obligations effectively and efficiently. Our comprehensive services cover the entire lifecycle of plastic waste, encompassing collection, recycling, and responsible disposal. Leveraging our advanced technology-enabled platform, we provide you with seamless control over the entire process while ensuring utmost transparency and traceability. As our world continues to evolve through technology, consumers increasingly seek out environmentally conscious brands. By embracing and fulfilling your EPR obligations, you not only enhance your brand recognition but also reaffirm your organization's core values. This commitment leads to a significant positive impact as the plastic used in packaging is diverted from landfills to recycling centers, fostering a sustainable future. We understand the growing importance of environmental consciousness and the value it brings to your brand. Partnering with Let's Clean The Earth Private Limited Company enables you to make a tangible difference while meeting your EPR obligations with ease.

What We Do?

EPR Compliance: We help Producers, Importers, and Brand owners fulfill their Extended Producer Responsibility obligations, ensuring they take responsibility for the collection and recycling of plastic waste introduced into the market through their products.
Waste Collection: We provide efficient and systematic waste collection services, ensuring the proper segregation and handling of plastic waste at the source.
Recycling Solutions: Our company specializes in plastic waste recycling, employing advanced technologies and processes to transform plastic waste into reusable materials, reducing its environmental impact.
Disposal Management: We ensure the responsible disposal of plastic waste, adhering to regulatory guidelines and promoting sustainable waste management practices.
Technology-enabled Platform: Through our digital platform, we offer a streamlined and transparent system that allows our clients to have easy control over the entire EPR compliance process, providing real-time tracking and reporting.
Transparency and Traceability: We prioritize transparency and traceability throughout the waste management journey, enabling our clients to have a clear understanding of their waste management practices and compliance status.
Environmental Consciousness: By partnering with Let's Clean The Earth, brands can showcase their commitment to environmental sustainability, demonstrating their dedication to responsible waste management and contributing to a greener future.
Compliance Monitoring: We assist in monitoring and tracking EPR compliance progress, ensuring that our clients meet the mandated targets and requirements.
Educational Initiatives: We engage in educational campaigns and awareness programs to promote responsible plastic waste management practices among stakeholders, including consumers, businesses, and communities.

Key Benefits

1. Environmental Conservation:

EPR ensures that Producers, Importers, and Brand owners take responsibility for the collection and recycling of plastic waste, leading to reduced pollution and preservation of natural resources.

2. Sustainable Brand Image:

Embracing EPR demonstrates a brand's commitment to environmental stewardship, enhancing its reputation and appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

3. Resource Efficiency:

EPR encourages the efficient use of resources by promoting recycling and the recovery of valuable materials from plastic waste.

4. Circular Economy Promotion:

EPR supports the transition to a circular economy by closing the loop on plastic production, encouraging the reuse and recycling of materials instead of disposal.

5. Legal Compliance:

Adhering to EPR obligations ensures compliance with regulations and government mandates, protecting businesses from potential fines and penalties.