The proper and sustainable disposal of scrap is crucial in mitigating the environmental impact of waste pollution. At Lets Clean the Earth Private Limited, we offer comprehensive dismantling services as part of our holistic approach to circular solutions. Our company, Lets Clean the Earth Private Limited, ensures meticulous segregation of dismantled items into marketable fractions for repair and reuse, while hazardous components are carefully removed and sent to authorized recyclers. This ensures that these components do not end up in dumping grounds, posing environmental risks and occupational hazards for waste workers. By prioritizing the nature of recyclables and partnering with specialized recyclers, Lets Clean the Earth Private Limited guarantees the appropriate and safe disposal of materials. Our revenue-centric model not only reduces the burden on the environment but also prevents toxicity, all while generating value. Additionally, our team at Lets Clean the Earth Private Limited conducts pre-processing of recycling services, preparing baled materials to be sent to authorized recyclers for further processing. This comprehensive approach ensures the overall sustainability of scrap disposal, contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment

What We Do?

Collection:Lets Clean the Earth offers a digitized network that efficiently streamlines the collection process from various sources, ensuring effective waste management.
Dismantling: Our specialized team engages in manual dismantling, meticulously separating usable components from the non-usable ones to maximize resource recovery.
Recycling:The recovered recyclable materials undergo further dismantling to extract reusable fractions. These fractions are then sent to authorized recyclers, contributing to the circular economy.
Disposal:Hazardous components that cannot be recycled are disposed of using the most sustainable methods, ensuring minimal environmental impact.
Certification:Lets Clean the Earth issues certificates for the dismantling of both vehicles and e-waste, providing assurance and transparency in the proper handling and management of these materials.

Scrap We deal into

Old Telecom Towers

Key Benefits

1. Ease of Service:

Door-to-Door pick-ups.

2. Traceability:

Digitised traceability of your scrap journey.

3. Transparency:

Scrap rates transparency.

4. Safe Disposal:

Eco-friendly & safe disposal of your scrap.

5. Certification:

Dismantling certificate as a document of proof.