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Collecting scrap from houses to corporates






Circular economy

The world is moving towards circular economy and it is responsibility of the corporates to increase proportion of recycled material. Let’s Clean The Earth will help to collect waste from Municipal solid waste and Medical waste after that it can be recycled and reused it’s perfect circular economy module.

Our Presence Across Nation

The Lets Clean The Earth has established its services in 7 major cities of Pakistan and is now expanding its reach in other parts of the country.


Scrap Collection

Let's Clean the Earth: Spearheading sustainable scrap collection in Pakistan, one step closer to a greener future.

EPR Services

Let's Clean the Earth: Spearheading EPR services, driving eco-accountability and environmental stewardship for a cleaner nation.

Zero Waste Services

Let's Clean the Earth: Providing cutting-edge zero waste services, driving a sustainable paradigm shift towards a waste-free world.

Zero Waste Society

Let's Clean the Earth: Leading the charge towards a zero waste society, uniting communities for a healthier and greener tomorrow.

Shredding Services

Let's Clean the Earth: Offering efficient shredding services, ensuring secure disposal and eco-friendly management of waste materials.

Dismatling Service

Let's Clean the Earth: Expert dismantling service, responsibly deconstructing materials to minimize environmental impact and promote sustainability.

Vehical Scrapping

Let's Clean the Earth: Facilitating eco-conscious vehicle scrapping, reducing carbon footprint and promoting greener transport solutions.

Circular Economy Services

Let's Clean the Earth: Pioneering circular economy services, creating a regenerative system for resources and a sustainable future.

Material Recovery Facility

Let's Clean the Earth: Operating an advanced Material Recovery Facility, optimizing resource extraction and minimizing waste for a greener planet.

Scrap Collection

Digitised solution for the door-to-door free pickup of 40+ recyclables

Zero Waste Society

Serving the Residential Societies in achieving their zero waste goals.

Vehical Scrapping

Assisting people in getting rid of their old vehicles sustainably

EPR Services

The Kabadiwala as a registered PRO, official collection & recycling partner helps in the compliance process of EPR.

Zero Waste Services

Serving the Institutes/Offices/Events in achieving their zero waste goals.

Shredding Services

Aiding Businesses in the safe & secure disposal of their confidential documents.

Dismatling Service

Providing holistic approach to implement circular solutions to the scrap disposal.

Circular Economy Services

Planning, designing, and successfully executing brand's CSR campaigns as per their objectives.

Material Recovery Facility

Collaborating to provide waste management services to ULB owned Material Recovery Facilities.

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